Monday, August 04, 2008

Dave with Desi.

Another visit from Desiree has gone by and I am sad she is gone. This year she came down for 4 whole days! It was so nice. We went to see Dave Matthews Band in concert at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls. Dave is kind of a tradition for me and Desi.

I think I am getting old because although it was great to be spending time with Desi, I did not enjoy the crowd at the concert. We wpent quite a bit of time talking shit about all the drunk people and even captured a random hook-up happening right in front of us. (pictures to come.) Dave didn't even play the good music from (I can't believe I am about to use this term) my day. There was alot more electric and not so much acoustic love. I am sad to say that will probably be my last Dave concert.

We shared one Heiniken because they were 13 bucks. I know! DAMN!

Random hook-up between strangers are fun.

After the day of the concert we didn't have a lot to do so we did a photo shoot. I discovered some awesome places around town to do some more urban looking photography. I still haven't prefected the urban look but I will keep at it.

I had to school Desi on the proper technique for self-portraits in the car.