Sunday, April 22, 2007


Bless me.

So we got a new camara to replace the one Ella lost or I misplaced... who knows at this point. At least we will have one now. My luck is that we will find it as soon as the postman sits the package on the porch. yeah.

Allergy season is in effect around here, too. How I long for the desert during this time of year here in good ole Ohio. achoo. achoo. achoo!!!! geez. Bless me.

You are not going to believe this but Abby has strep throat. Poor kid. She has had a super rough year as far as sickness goes. I am going to have to boost her immune system some how. Any ideas.

Thanks to Mo for sending a great package to us. Lots of goodies that I did not get any pictures of. bummer. She has pictures of on her blog of a few of the cutey things she sent. I, of course have not sent hers out yet but this week is the week! I can feel it in my tired, snotty, stuffed up, hurting body... or bones... whatever.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Backed up.

Good news and bad news. The good news is that the people across the street had the same problem and they paid for the plumber to fix it. The bad news is that the main sewer line that we share with the neighbors backed up and our basement flooded. However, it was just on one side of the basement and there was only a section of carpet that was effected. Whew. Narrowly escaped a disaster. It is really musty down here now though and the RESOLVE is on the verge of toxic.

So Spring break has been... interesting. It has been rainy and snowy for most of it so we have been doing nothing fun if you ask Abby and Ella. Tough break.

Abby will start Tennis lessons soon and that will be something she can do during the day. I am going to sign them up for swimming lessons next month. Hopefully that won't be to late for the Rec. Center classes.

Abby doused the keyboard with what I like to call Eau de Baby Prostitute cologne. Also known as Stacey's perfume. It smells like burnt cotton candy. gag me. I can't take it so I am going to bid you adeau.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Boog!

Big girl's birthday was so fun! We had kids from her class and lots of cuteness running amok. You'll have to take my word for it because Ella swiped my camara. No telling when that might show up.

Abby at 6 is like a fun little ball of softness and energy. She is so very smart and articulate. In the past year I have been in awe at all the things she is learning and trying to do on her own. This can often be a struggle for us, because I simply can't let go and let my little baby do these things on her own. She usually has to put up a little bit of a fight to get me to realize she can do many, many things on her own. I have heard the words "I'm not a baby, Mom." many times. She is so right about that but how will I come to terms with that? Will I ever? I like to do things the hard way so probably not.

The way she makes me feel is incredible. Catching a glimpse of her standing in a window or bouncing a ball or drawing... makes my heart skip a beat. She is so delicate and sweet but so strong and independent. I feel like I never want to fail her in any way. I feel like I want to teach her all that the world has to offer is hers for the taking. I want her to leave a blazing path of life behind her wherever she goes! I want for her to not fear the unfamiliar, but embrace it.

I want for you whatever you want in life. I pray every night that God will hold you in the safety of his arms, to fill your life with blessings and strength. I love you, little girl.