Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not as easy as I had hoped.

I have been thinking of what I can blog about. My daily life is horribly boring, I mean, probably no more than anyone elses but still... that's not interesting. So I have had a few ideas, if anyone is actually reading this, go right ahead and let me know what you think would be most interesting.

Ok first idea was books. I have hundreds of books that I get at garage sales or buy because they are recommended to me by friends and so on. I only read a select few of them so I thought a good idea would be to make a challenge for myself where I don't buy anymore books until I read what I have. Each time I knock one of the list I can write a little about it and maybe a review of sorts and recommend or not recommend you read it.

Second idea would be any and all things fashion (on a budget, of course) because we all know I love it. I think I would do a weekly post on a completely or mostly thrifted outfit with price of the total outfit and where I got it. Maybe do a thing where I thrift one item a week and do a couple of outfits with that one item.

Third, I do projects. I think mostly furniture stuff but a mixture of salvaging and decorating and clothing and home stuff with links to the blogs I get inspired by. I would do the same as with the fashion where I itemize the cost of materials and time to do the project. I could also parlay this into a use what you've got kind of thing because I have plenty of fabric and miscellaneous items I have picked up over the years with the intention of doing something with but never getting around to it.

Last. I could do all three in rotation.

What do you think? Please take a minute and comment, I'd love to hear what you think.


Patty Cakes

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trumbull County Amish

Most of these shots are from Mesopotamia. I was very timid about just clipping off shots of the people without their permission so I don't have any of the Amish people but I got good shots of their surroundings.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

So You are Prolly Gonna Laugh but....

I really think I should start blogging again. I know it's hysterical but I am serious. Now to find something to blog about...