Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pecans for Moms.

Just a little backstory first:

You may or may not have noticed that I tend to blog sporadically. My Mama likes to read my blog and this tends to get on her nerves a little. (Hi Ma!) So, in her infinite wisdom, (Love you, Ma!) she thought of a great idea for a little inspiration. Something to just getting me writing.

 Did I mention my Mama works at a pecan factory? Well she does, she is a Pecan Afficianado. (I totes just coined that Title.) I digress. In all her smartiepantsedness she thought it would be a great idea if I tried out all the pecans they have on the farm and did a review of them. Like Best to worst sort of thing.

Obviously I have yet to do it, but in honor of Mother's Day I shall eat all of the pecans I can. Pure Torture. (So Not, the little buggers are delish.)

Now, when you are doing some serious pecan cracking you need the proper tools. My Mama knew this and sent a Texan Nut Sheller, yes the actual name, along to help me out. You will see it in the photo below. These are serious business so don't be playing around with them if you get one. Word?

I started with the Western Shlay, the name  just caught my eye, it SHLAYED me... no? OK. Well then that one wasn't as tasty as I'd hoped. The meat (technical term for insides or part you eat) was really soft and the color was a soft brown, very appealing. I wasn't thrilled with it though. These are are kind of small too. I would say these would be good for carmelizing or cooking in a way that would bring out the flavors more.

While we were doing our taste test Krhystal stopped by so of course:

For now that is all I have on the pecan front. I actually had intended to have the whole thing done for Mother's Day but, well, I mean... things happen. I didn't. Stop bothering me about it.

I am going to go all American Idol judgey on these pecans. Stay Tuned.