Friday, September 24, 2010

Sacrifice. We all do it.

This week I made a big decision. I don't make big decisions. I decided to sell my camera. My Nikon. Yes I did. There were family things that needed to be paid for and we didn't have the money for it so I decided that since I wasn't exactly a big time photographer than brought in a lot of cash with my expensive camera, that I would sell it to cover the costs. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Rick did buy me an inexpensive Canon point and shoot so that I would at least have a camera. I have always been a big fan of talent being in the art and the eye. I will miss my fancy camera but it will not effect my photos. I am still a good photographer. This is me with my girl panties on, convincing myself I don't need that camera... cause I don't... need it.

In other news, the kitties are doing great. They have been thoroughly de-flead and will get another bath next week to make sure we got them all. Then it's off to the vet for the spaying and neutering. Speaking of, Jack got his neutering this week. They were nice enough to leave a little of his package behind to comfort him, I guess, or maybe so he'd have something to lick. Not sure.

Heres a few pictures from this week.

Dirty girl before we brought her in and showered her up.

Mommy Nona

Abby got upset because she I took the kitties out of her room and proceded to fall asleep in the floor crying. Poor kid.

Donna's daughter

We had the pork chop special

Next to us at the counter were these...

Donna's Menu

This guy is too fiesty and we love it!

Kitty under a chair in the hallway.
Abby LPS'n it up.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

These are the Thrifts of our Lives

Hello everyone! Everyone meaning Mom, Stacey, Jamie and Heather. I hope you had, and still are having, a fine week. This week was a pretty busy week. Abby and Ella are both bringing home reading and math assignments now. Shoot me now... Seriously. The kitties have taken up shop on my front porch, which is fine but Jack and Nilla won't stay out of the front window and keep huffing and barking when they see them. Oh and we are going to keep two of the kittens as our own. NOW, this is something I have never experienced so I am a little anxious and I am probably going to be a drama queen about the litter training as I am already thinking about how stressful it could be do that kind of thing. Seriously though, the white one is too cute and has one blue and one green eye. I think that's a sign from God that I should have him. That's ahout it for me.

My little Abby is a style go-getter. We watched this video on Youtube and she had to do it for school. She came home and I asked if everyone just loved her hair and she told me "they said it was weird, but I still love it." Be still my heart , this kid is going to be an individual and I couldn't be more proud! This picture was at the end of the day so it was a little fashuganid.

This weeks finds come courtesy of the Elyria historical society. They had a big fund raising yard sale and I got all of these little treasures. The box is just a shelf that I am going to spray paint and do something with. The notepads are game point keeper thingies (yes, that is a technical term). The fish is paper mache, I thought Abby would like it. In front of that there are a bunch of vintage postcards for a special P.P., along with the Lou Rawls record. The coffee tin is in perfect shape and smells lovely inside. The book is an Oprah pick called Tara Road. Have you read it? Anyhoo, what else? Oh, the flower is just fabulous and I may never wear it but I like looking at it.

This week I did quite a bit of clothes thrifting, also. These shoes were the best find a girl could have hoped for. They were half price at Sallie's or Salvation Army for the laymen. ( Thanks to Lisa's mom for that little gem.) The open-toed kitten heels are going to be great for this Fall weather that is starting. I haven't decided if I will get really trendy and wear them with a pair of socks like I have been seeing in the Fashion magazines... prolly not, but you knew that already didn't you. The blue boots are to die for and in such good condition I think my straight legs are going to be great with those. Finally the red boots- I do love these but they are a little to butch as they are men's boots, so I am going to do some spray painting and stenciling to wear them with my Halloween costume. Should look a little like this when I am done:

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Before I get started I want to thank my lovely Mommy and the other anonymous friend (is it you, Stace?) that commented on my last blog. Thanks to you, I will continue to blog for the good of all mankind. Heather, I think you are right, I am going to just do it as it comes to me and not plan it because as we all know, us Gemini's are not good with plans... not. at. all.
Let's get on with it shall we...
I like to browse the Free listing on Craigslist daily just to see ( Hey, if you aren't doing it you are missing out.) if there is anything I can do something with. While I have a list of things I would like to find for the house, I am pretty loosey goosey about what I will take a peek at. I only click on items that have pictures attached to them because I don't want to waste my time driving somewhere of any good distance just to lay on eyes on something that I might not want. And if I end up not liking it there is always an awkwardness, like I came to break the bad news to them that they have a piece of doodoo sitting in their living room and they should just throw it out because no one is going to want it even if it is free. Anyhow... A few weeks ago I found some very nice chairs and a bookcase that needed a little work.
The chairs were incredibly sturdy and one just needed a coat of paint and some new cushions. The bookcase needed a piece put on the back of it to stand up and some paint. Now, If I had the gift of forethought I would have taken before pictures but, alas, I do not so all you get to see is the after. Sorry, maybe next time. The pillows, I made them out of a throw I bought on clearance at Target this Summer. After I put them on the chair I realized I am going to have to add some ties to the corners of them to make them stay in place but other than that, Complete.

Bella was kind of upset that I took pictures in Boog's room and not hers so I took a picture of her chair too. I'd like to start by saying that I didn't have anything to do with th is little masterpiece. Ella found it at a garage sale and loved it so I didn't mind paying the 1 dollar they were selling it for. Enjoy...

OH and as soon as I figure out how to get that picture at the top centered I will get that taken care of and do something to make this joint more asthetically pleasing. Have a great day!