Friday, September 24, 2010

Sacrifice. We all do it.

This week I made a big decision. I don't make big decisions. I decided to sell my camera. My Nikon. Yes I did. There were family things that needed to be paid for and we didn't have the money for it so I decided that since I wasn't exactly a big time photographer than brought in a lot of cash with my expensive camera, that I would sell it to cover the costs. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Rick did buy me an inexpensive Canon point and shoot so that I would at least have a camera. I have always been a big fan of talent being in the art and the eye. I will miss my fancy camera but it will not effect my photos. I am still a good photographer. This is me with my girl panties on, convincing myself I don't need that camera... cause I don't... need it.

In other news, the kitties are doing great. They have been thoroughly de-flead and will get another bath next week to make sure we got them all. Then it's off to the vet for the spaying and neutering. Speaking of, Jack got his neutering this week. They were nice enough to leave a little of his package behind to comfort him, I guess, or maybe so he'd have something to lick. Not sure.

Heres a few pictures from this week.

Dirty girl before we brought her in and showered her up.

Mommy Nona

Abby got upset because she I took the kitties out of her room and proceded to fall asleep in the floor crying. Poor kid.

Donna's daughter

We had the pork chop special

Next to us at the counter were these...

Donna's Menu

This guy is too fiesty and we love it!

Kitty under a chair in the hallway.
Abby LPS'n it up.

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Heather said...

And even though you don't have your fancy pants camera we can still do the photo walks, because an eye is an eye and you have got one :O)

Also, the kitties are cute. I was really tempted with the white one. I thought she was so friggin cute...glad to see I can visit her.

Also, I don't think i have your digits, do you have mine?