Monday, April 22, 2013

Guest Post From a Persistent as F*** Unicorn.

Will you PLEASE just friggin write a consistent blog already….


Hello, this is your friend Am here from The Bus Stop (insert plug for my blog early. PLEASE SIGN UP AS A FOLLOWER. Link here.). I am publically pleading with MER via her own blog to start writing again. Here are a few reasons why

1. MER is fabulous. She is witty and charming and the world NEEDS her.

2. Blogging is good for the mind and soul.

3. We want to hear from MER! We love her, we love her writing and we WANT more!

Mer, remember when we promised to each other that in 2013 we would consistently blog? Well, you haven’t blogged since February….. mmmkkkk

.Please come back. It’s been a while (insert that sappy song here).

Let’s inspire each other! Let’s do this together for a year. Are you with me??????

Your loving friend,

Am xoxox


BIO: Am is the writer of the Bus Stop a blog about a girl who discovered a unicorn living behind a waterfall. She enjoys writing, reading, music, Mermaids, Coney Island, Hankies, Coffee, YA, Whiskey, the smell of dog paws, napping in the park, knowing where to find a loo, birthdays, and people that smile.