Monday, February 23, 2009

In Forever

I almost forgot I had a blog. Myspace and Facebook are so much easier for telling the world how you feel. I'm not even goign to say I will post regularly again because I, as you all know, am a Gemini and while I have good intentions with these sort of things I rarely see them through. I guess I will update though.

In a nutshell:

I am moving forward with establishing my own small business as a photographer. will soon be my new on-line home. I am going to try and specialize in maternity and family portrait but I will do anything at this point. I just want to get my name out there. If anyone has any marketing and networking tips please pass them on to me.

Over Christmas break from school I had two months to do nothing, pretty much. I went to the movies and was sucked into the Twilight of it all. I read all four books in 8 days and am now speaking to my imaginary Edward on a daily basis. Yes folks, it's official, I am crazy. Even though I am crazy for these books, the analytical side of me is even more interested in the phenomenon of it all and what is making it work. It fascinates me that these books have become an entity of their own. It's out of control, for me as well as millions and millions of other adult women... I won't even speak of the teenage girls going nuts for this. It is truly fascinating. I wish I had some statistics on it.

I had a falling out of sorts with my photography instructor. I lost a lot of faith in that Arts Education. I trusted it so much but now... I don't. I taught myself so much before I even took a class in photography. I just need to trust that I know what I am doing and have faith in myself, which is so hard for me to do sometimes.

My children are growing and are seriously the smartest two little bitties you will ever meet. Sometimes I think so intently on what they will be like as adults that I feel like I am missing some great kiddo moments. I am going to have reign that in or I will be kicking myself in 5 years for not enjoying them more.

That's about it. Have a good day!