Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bit of a Rut

I have always fancied my self a photographer, but lately I am losing interest. I feel like I am taking the same pictures over and over again.

That may be because for the last five years the only willing subjects I have had are Guitarman, Boog and Bell.

If I could interrupt this blog for just a second. I would like to announce that my husband will be referred to as Guitarman. My two children will be called by Boog and Bell. If I have learned anything in all my blog research, it is that cute names referring to your husband and children are always better.

I am tired of taking pictures of people is what it is. I need something more interesting, something new. I am going to move on to nature photography. I know, I know... it sounds boring. I am just going to try it. It's not like I am making a career out of it. Geez.

Nature, Here I Come!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Yippy, I have a blog.

Just in case you didn't get that sarcasm.... it's there. So, this blog thing has intrigued me for some time. People logging on, laying out their life for you to read completely anonymously. I have read a lot of blogs in preparation for starting my own and let me just say, there are lots of blogs out there.

There are the mommmies. They breakdown into categories like breastfeeding, cloth diapering, first time mommies, etc. Then there is the crafters. They have the best pages if you ask me. Lots of Home remodeling and restoration blogs for you ambitious ones out there. You get the idea. I am sure there are other not so wholesome and good sites also but you've reached an all-time low if you looking at blogger porn.

Even though I have thought about all the necesities like what my handle will be, how I will refer to my Dh and children, should I tell my friends and family I have a blog, ( still indecided, because ya know, what if I want to talk some shit.), should I keep it to one subject, Etc. I still totally blanked when I had to set it up. It hard to come up with some clever name and url. I sat here for at least 15 minutes going over all things I have been refered to over the past 15 years. Nothing seemed good enough or smart enough and represented me ( yank, yank). I know it's nerdy right. I obviously do not know myself very well if I can't find two or three tiny words to represent the essence of what is me. ( This is where I roll my eyes. Sarcasm, ya gotta love it.)

Listen, all I know is I am a work in progress in all aspects of my life so all I can say is, I am ...