Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bit of a Rut

I have always fancied my self a photographer, but lately I am losing interest. I feel like I am taking the same pictures over and over again.

That may be because for the last five years the only willing subjects I have had are Guitarman, Boog and Bell.

If I could interrupt this blog for just a second. I would like to announce that my husband will be referred to as Guitarman. My two children will be called by Boog and Bell. If I have learned anything in all my blog research, it is that cute names referring to your husband and children are always better.

I am tired of taking pictures of people is what it is. I need something more interesting, something new. I am going to move on to nature photography. I know, I know... it sounds boring. I am just going to try it. It's not like I am making a career out of it. Geez.

Nature, Here I Come!

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