Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This Christmas was very exciting for us. We are two families living here now so there was lots of buzzing and good times around the house. The guitarman even came out of his den for some good times.

This Christmas was all about technology. It was a Techmas. We got lots of the things we have wanted for a very long time but couldn't afford. I kind of felt funny about that because I don't see myself as someone who finds material things that important. To me, if it costs more than 50 bucks it's one of two things- not worth the money or something I can make. I just have problems with buying big ticket items because they are 90% of the time something that:
  1. Isn't needed.
  2. Is usually some kind of technologicallly advanced piece of crap that will cost half the price in two months because it will be replaced by something even more advanced and...
  3. In general just used to show off the fact that you got the dough to spend on something like that.

That's not me.

Rick is kind of the opposite. He loves technology and loves little devices to do umpteen different tasks. It's actually really cute to me that way he gets excited about all these things. But even still we never buy the high end stuff.

Rick helped me with my unwillingness to move forward. He said to me that we have worked so hard for so long to be able to have the things we want and admire. Our hard work has finally paid off and instead of feeling bad about our purchases we should just be proud of them... and he's right.

So I am going to try and not feel like I don't deserve this great stuff, because we all do and even if it materialistic.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't know if you noticed but I've been a little busy... I guess.

I have definitely been preoccupied with other things. I have been doing a lot of photography stuff and having a lot of fun with that. School is harder than I thought because you actually have to study... can you believe that?! Jerks.

I have been having a good time with my sister living with us. There are times when things get a little hairy and I do that think I do where I start complaining about everthing everyone in the house is doing. yeah. All in all though we are working things out and I suspect the little bumps will be smoothed out when all understand each other a little better. Some tweeks in out routines if you know what I mean.

My photography is really coming along, I have gotten some really good feedback about how to get my "style" in every shot, not just the ones of my family. It's the love I have for them. It translates differently because I am truly seeing them different. Soooo... the pictures turn out fabulous. I have to love everyone? Maybe not but I do have to translate it to that so I can really start to develop my "style".

Rick is doing very well. He is sleeping well. That's always good. :)

What else?!

I guess a few photos.

Abby working hard on a turkey pendant at school and my sister in her Halloween costume.
Chair and Mushroom

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So Much To Say...Type.

When you have a blog and you just don't want to type what do you do? I don't know what you do but I just ignore it. I have been very much enjoying this Summer. The girls and I took a roadtrip with my parents, I photographed my Sister-in-law's wedding and I for the past few weeks I have been preparing to start school.

The trip with my parents started off rocky and ended quickly. In between that was fabulous. We went from South Carolina, through the outerbanks and then on up to Maine from New Jersey. It was a two week trip. It took us a few days to really get started because my parents had a few things to do in South Carolina but once we got to the Outer Banks we were on a roll.
Before we headed to the islands we just hung out. It was fun.
The Outer Banks of North Carolina are so refreshing and relaxing. My children ran the beaches in their skivvies; we showered in ice cold, outdoor showers; we spent hours digging for shells. Oh and the views! The views and the air were just... inspiring, to say the least.
Digging for shells and building sand cakes.
Wowza! We had sand in the RV for a good week straight. How do beach people deal?
Hatteras Island is where we spent most of our time on the islands. My Mom and I went to the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Ronnie and Abby spent hours at the beach and came back pooped. The sunset was so peaceful with the sound of the waves rolling in.
I didn't have a suit. My mom thought it was funny so she took a picture.
Impromptu photo shoot at a roadside park in Maine, I think, produced this picture of Ronnie. Very nice posing:)
You can do so much with seashells. These massivos were fun for stacking.

Abby at the boardwalk in Maryland.

Another from the roadside park.
My Sister-In-Law's wedding was really fun. Set in Lodi with kind, fun, lovely country folk. hehe. It was super cute. Kalle, my SIL, was a lovely bride. She was very calm and once the tiara from hell came off her head she was able to enjoy the party even more. Here are a few of my favorite shots:
The bride.
The couple.
The kiss.
The rings.

The dance.

Cake, which was delicious, topper.
Hello... Bridal Magazine eat your heart out ...

This was super cute! All the kids stopped playing to watch the father-daughter dance.
For fun!

Wow! It was really hard to choose my favorites.
What else?! OH. School. I am excited about it. I have so much I want to do and classes I want to take. Woohooo!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 Years!

7 years ago today Rick and I took the plunge and decided what the hell... Let's get married at 4 (pm). Now look at us! What a great idea that was. So today, after we're done patting each other on the back, we are going out to eat with our two babies. Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

zooo zooo zooo

The Schools annual trip to the Zoo was today and I am a regular classroom mom so I got to be a chaperone. Quite a priveledge. I was in charge of four lovely little girls. We had so much fun it's rediculous and we didn't have any meltdowns until it was time to go home so... it didn't really count.

My four.


The Cleveland Zoo has a couple of great exhibits. (That we got to visit, I am sure there are many more.) The Touch exhibit was super fun. You get to touch the Rays & Sharks. I highly valued the experince as I have never been anywhere even remotely exotic enough to touch a Mantaray. They are so slick and smooth on their bellies. There was one that was enormous and a bit of a showboat if you ask me. He would pass really close to you and then circle back (a very cool-looking action) for another pass. As if to say "you people can't get enough of me, I'll let ya have another feel." I was to into it to take pictures but here are some others:

I love this guy!


Fat and happy warthog

For the pre-historic fans there have a special exhibit called Dinosaurs, appropriately enough. This was a big, huge, gigantic hit with my four girls. The passes were a dollar a piece, we were not allowed to buy any additional anything for our groups but we got into that exhibit somehow anyway. *wink*

Aaawww babies.

This guy is pretty gross to me.

water fun!

what is this thing called?!

I would have included more of the girls but I didn't ask permission. Sorry. Drop by the house, I'll show you.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Bless me.

So we got a new camara to replace the one Ella lost or I misplaced... who knows at this point. At least we will have one now. My luck is that we will find it as soon as the postman sits the package on the porch. yeah.

Allergy season is in effect around here, too. How I long for the desert during this time of year here in good ole Ohio. achoo. achoo. achoo!!!! geez. Bless me.

You are not going to believe this but Abby has strep throat. Poor kid. She has had a super rough year as far as sickness goes. I am going to have to boost her immune system some how. Any ideas.

Thanks to Mo for sending a great package to us. Lots of goodies that I did not get any pictures of. bummer. She has pictures of on her blog of a few of the cutey things she sent. I, of course have not sent hers out yet but this week is the week! I can feel it in my tired, snotty, stuffed up, hurting body... or bones... whatever.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Backed up.

Good news and bad news. The good news is that the people across the street had the same problem and they paid for the plumber to fix it. The bad news is that the main sewer line that we share with the neighbors backed up and our basement flooded. However, it was just on one side of the basement and there was only a section of carpet that was effected. Whew. Narrowly escaped a disaster. It is really musty down here now though and the RESOLVE is on the verge of toxic.

So Spring break has been... interesting. It has been rainy and snowy for most of it so we have been doing nothing fun if you ask Abby and Ella. Tough break.

Abby will start Tennis lessons soon and that will be something she can do during the day. I am going to sign them up for swimming lessons next month. Hopefully that won't be to late for the Rec. Center classes.

Abby doused the keyboard with what I like to call Eau de Baby Prostitute cologne. Also known as Stacey's perfume. It smells like burnt cotton candy. gag me. I can't take it so I am going to bid you adeau.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Boog!

Big girl's birthday was so fun! We had kids from her class and lots of cuteness running amok. You'll have to take my word for it because Ella swiped my camara. No telling when that might show up.

Abby at 6 is like a fun little ball of softness and energy. She is so very smart and articulate. In the past year I have been in awe at all the things she is learning and trying to do on her own. This can often be a struggle for us, because I simply can't let go and let my little baby do these things on her own. She usually has to put up a little bit of a fight to get me to realize she can do many, many things on her own. I have heard the words "I'm not a baby, Mom." many times. She is so right about that but how will I come to terms with that? Will I ever? I like to do things the hard way so probably not.

The way she makes me feel is incredible. Catching a glimpse of her standing in a window or bouncing a ball or drawing... makes my heart skip a beat. She is so delicate and sweet but so strong and independent. I feel like I never want to fail her in any way. I feel like I want to teach her all that the world has to offer is hers for the taking. I want her to leave a blazing path of life behind her wherever she goes! I want for her to not fear the unfamiliar, but embrace it.

I want for you whatever you want in life. I pray every night that God will hold you in the safety of his arms, to fill your life with blessings and strength. I love you, little girl.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Um yeah. How are ya?

I have been reminded many times by a faithful friend that I have not been blogging. I know, I know! So I am making her something to keep her quiet. LOL. Just kidding you.
Last month was real rough on us and the one before that too. What a terrible Winter the whole world had, huh. I'm glad it's over. Spring is so great!

I am looking forward to garage sales and shopping for spring clothes.
Can't wait to open the windows and let the breeze in. I always like to take naps with a breeze blowing over me. It's so comfy feeling.
I finally got one of these.

The girls recieved their swap. Thank you so much Courtney, Maya and Ben.

I sold this on Ebay.
Ella followed me around taking pictures. I won't tell you where I was when she took this one! I look seriously tired though, huh.

Abby's birthday is a week.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Absentee Blogger

I figure there is only so many times you can actually blog about vomit and poop so I will remain absent for a few more days.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A few Things.

Abby's first pair of Chucks.

Valentines day was spent cuddled up in bed as it was one of our terrible snow days. We've been doing that alot lately.

So Tuesday they didn't cancel school so I just called in and said I wouldn't be bringing her in due to the weather. I must be some kid of gypsy that sees the future because it was falling pretty thick by the time school was getting out. We spent the majority of the night digging out the driveway so Rick could get to work the next day.
Wednesday Rick didn't even go in because the roads were still very bad and it was still snowing so we all stayed snug in the house. Rick had to go out a few times to clear the driveway. Penny had a good ole time in the snow. She had a hard time getting out once she was in though.
I know what you're thinking... Nice taboggin, right?!
I thought so.
Penny could not manage to get into the snow pile. She had take the long way around the yard.Just to give you an idea of howhigh it was~ You can only see the top of her on the sidewalk side of the yard.

Isn't this the cutest!!! Penny all cuddled up to her daddy. So cute.

I got my In Stitches book a few weeks ago. I have been looking at all the beautifuls ever since. I am scared to start on because I don't want to mess it up. I know that's lame. I know.
This little ditty is what I would like to make first. It's got everything!