Sunday, February 18, 2007

A few Things.

Abby's first pair of Chucks.

Valentines day was spent cuddled up in bed as it was one of our terrible snow days. We've been doing that alot lately.

So Tuesday they didn't cancel school so I just called in and said I wouldn't be bringing her in due to the weather. I must be some kid of gypsy that sees the future because it was falling pretty thick by the time school was getting out. We spent the majority of the night digging out the driveway so Rick could get to work the next day.
Wednesday Rick didn't even go in because the roads were still very bad and it was still snowing so we all stayed snug in the house. Rick had to go out a few times to clear the driveway. Penny had a good ole time in the snow. She had a hard time getting out once she was in though.
I know what you're thinking... Nice taboggin, right?!
I thought so.
Penny could not manage to get into the snow pile. She had take the long way around the yard.Just to give you an idea of howhigh it was~ You can only see the top of her on the sidewalk side of the yard.

Isn't this the cutest!!! Penny all cuddled up to her daddy. So cute.

I got my In Stitches book a few weeks ago. I have been looking at all the beautifuls ever since. I am scared to start on because I don't want to mess it up. I know that's lame. I know.
This little ditty is what I would like to make first. It's got everything!


carolyn said...

Now that is what I call snow, we have had hardly any this year, well I guess I shouldn't temp fate as we usually have snow end of Feb / beg. March.

Stacey said...

The snow looks beautiful! I hope your little ones got to play in it! That's so much fun!

Stacey said...

What kind of car is that in your driveway, just out of curiousity??

Coming Along Nicely said...

A Ford Focus.