Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tearing Down the House.

Want to live next to me? The house next door has been for sale for about six months.

Ella had fun dressing up these paper dolls I downloaded and printed off of Kiddley . They are made by Sarah Neuberger. She has lots of fun things with these little people on them. I love watercolors. I think they make childrens art so beautiful.
A few weeks ago we decided we wanted to open the kitchen up to the dining room so we just started knocking down a wall with out any real plan of what we are going to do next. Still don't have a plan really, just an idea of what we want it to look like. We also took out a built in buffet to make the dining room more roomier. I was hoping to find great treasures hidden in the wall and behind the buffet. Nothing. I did find an enormous amount of dust bunnies and yuck in the vents. I am now trying to convince Rick that we will all get asthma if we do not get the vents cleaned soon.

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Jamie said...

I would love to live next to you! It would be the best thing ever! Miss You.