Friday, February 09, 2007

Houses, Wallpaper and Doorknobs

I am a house buff. My idea of a fun afternoon is driving through neighborhoods looking at all the beautiful houses. I especially like houses built anywhere from the 20's to the 40's. Big, little, yellow, blue... whatever. I love them all. My neighborhood has some especially interesting looking homes. This is definitely not a cookie-cutter neighborhood. I took some shot while out on a walk a few months ago.
These are a few of my favorites. The woodsy cabin house is so warm and cozy looking. The italian villa is crazy beautiful. It's right on the corner of my block to so I get to gaze at it everyday.

The barn style house is really cute. The woman has it decorated very americana, country, amish feel. She just had it painted the very faintest color of lilac with mauve, rust colored shades. Now the yellow and green house is not one of my favorites but it is definitely worth mentioning. Bold choice of color for sure. If I showed you the whole house you would cry because it really doesn't deserve to look like that.

My house was built in 1944. Alot of the wallpaper we have been tearing down is really ugly. I don't think all wallpaper from that time was ugly but this stuff is putrid. I also think the people who owned our house in the seventies had really bad taste in wallpaper too. There is also a layer of the fine dusty-rose colored pink with blue hearts in the kitchen area. Eck.

A great thing about having a house this age is that it comes with a few treasures. Every interior door in our has a glass door knob. Some are gold and some are silver. They are all beautiful. I think the they are the best thing about our house.


carolyn said...

Your right those doorknobs are lovely.

Stacey said...

WOW! Those houses are gorgeous! I too could go around and look at houses. The first two are definately the best. Definately two homes I could live in!! :) It must be nice to live in such a beautiful neighborhood! ;)