Sunday, February 18, 2007

A few Things.

Abby's first pair of Chucks.

Valentines day was spent cuddled up in bed as it was one of our terrible snow days. We've been doing that alot lately.

So Tuesday they didn't cancel school so I just called in and said I wouldn't be bringing her in due to the weather. I must be some kid of gypsy that sees the future because it was falling pretty thick by the time school was getting out. We spent the majority of the night digging out the driveway so Rick could get to work the next day.
Wednesday Rick didn't even go in because the roads were still very bad and it was still snowing so we all stayed snug in the house. Rick had to go out a few times to clear the driveway. Penny had a good ole time in the snow. She had a hard time getting out once she was in though.
I know what you're thinking... Nice taboggin, right?!
I thought so.
Penny could not manage to get into the snow pile. She had take the long way around the yard.Just to give you an idea of howhigh it was~ You can only see the top of her on the sidewalk side of the yard.

Isn't this the cutest!!! Penny all cuddled up to her daddy. So cute.

I got my In Stitches book a few weeks ago. I have been looking at all the beautifuls ever since. I am scared to start on because I don't want to mess it up. I know that's lame. I know.
This little ditty is what I would like to make first. It's got everything!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is More Snow Possible?

I don't think it is. At least I hope it's not.

Dear Lord, could you please end the snow days so I can get some peace and quiet around here. I would like to reclaim my living room from the tents and forts that have started a village in there. Please Lord, let the sun shine in. Melt the snow. Please.

P.S. If you have time sending down a Tylenol3 for my headache would be just peachy.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Houses, Wallpaper and Doorknobs

I am a house buff. My idea of a fun afternoon is driving through neighborhoods looking at all the beautiful houses. I especially like houses built anywhere from the 20's to the 40's. Big, little, yellow, blue... whatever. I love them all. My neighborhood has some especially interesting looking homes. This is definitely not a cookie-cutter neighborhood. I took some shot while out on a walk a few months ago.
These are a few of my favorites. The woodsy cabin house is so warm and cozy looking. The italian villa is crazy beautiful. It's right on the corner of my block to so I get to gaze at it everyday.

The barn style house is really cute. The woman has it decorated very americana, country, amish feel. She just had it painted the very faintest color of lilac with mauve, rust colored shades. Now the yellow and green house is not one of my favorites but it is definitely worth mentioning. Bold choice of color for sure. If I showed you the whole house you would cry because it really doesn't deserve to look like that.

My house was built in 1944. Alot of the wallpaper we have been tearing down is really ugly. I don't think all wallpaper from that time was ugly but this stuff is putrid. I also think the people who owned our house in the seventies had really bad taste in wallpaper too. There is also a layer of the fine dusty-rose colored pink with blue hearts in the kitchen area. Eck.

A great thing about having a house this age is that it comes with a few treasures. Every interior door in our has a glass door knob. Some are gold and some are silver. They are all beautiful. I think the they are the best thing about our house.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tearing Down the House.

Want to live next to me? The house next door has been for sale for about six months.

Ella had fun dressing up these paper dolls I downloaded and printed off of Kiddley . They are made by Sarah Neuberger. She has lots of fun things with these little people on them. I love watercolors. I think they make childrens art so beautiful.
A few weeks ago we decided we wanted to open the kitchen up to the dining room so we just started knocking down a wall with out any real plan of what we are going to do next. Still don't have a plan really, just an idea of what we want it to look like. We also took out a built in buffet to make the dining room more roomier. I was hoping to find great treasures hidden in the wall and behind the buffet. Nothing. I did find an enormous amount of dust bunnies and yuck in the vents. I am now trying to convince Rick that we will all get asthma if we do not get the vents cleaned soon.

Monday, February 05, 2007


It is so cold the district has canceled school today and tomorrow.
Still doing Natural lighting. I just like it. No stark lighting and sometimes the slight blur it creates is very cool.
I cought Abby sleeping so soundly on the couch the other day.

Just playing with some stuff.

Abby has decided that the foot of her bed is much more suitable for a good nights sleep.

Martha Stewart's team of creative people are genius's. These will be our Valentines.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Doing Things

I have not blogged in over a week I think. We've been up to no good around here.

Did you know that it's nearly impossible to have a presentable home when you are tearing out built-ins and knocking down walls. My home looks like a cyclone hit it. I was able to catch up on some cleaning today though, because we are supposed to have friends over for Super Bowl Sunday.

I have been watching Ella alot lately when she didn't know I was there. She makes me laugh. She doesn't walk anywhere. She skips ( well not skip, she does that thing like she's riding a pony, that kind of skip), runs or crawls. She loves to have a dramatic enactment of any situation. She will tell me she doesn't like me just so I will pretend to be terribly hurt and she can tell me ever so softly and sweetly " but Mommy, I just don't." It's sound kind of strange but we get a kick out of it.

I have also been thinking about my swap partner and her children. I am really stumped. I want to do so good at this swap thing. It's my first one and I want it to be a hit!

I really have not stuck to my Photography Friday. I think it's something I will have to make myself do. I don't mind, there should be more of those things in my life, like being sarcastic.

I was trying to figure some things out on my camara and Ella decided to grab a few shots. Penny was also interested in the action. Nothing new about that.

My Gramma gave me this blanket and it's ugly as sin if you ask me but I can not throw it out. She didn't make it, someone she knew did but still...

Remember me saying I am devoting this year to Christmas crafts. Here is my start on that. I messed up the letter but it's not bad for just sitting down without any paln what so ever for what I was about to do.

It's all Coming Along Nicely.