Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fabulous Fall day in Ohio

I love Autumn in Ohio. The colors are gorgeous, the air is crisp, the smell of warmth coming from chimney tops, the colors are gorgeous, the colors are gorgeous and the colors are gorgeous. We went for a little hike on the river trail today and I got alot of beautiful shots.

The Falls. One thing that is different about the river water here and the river water in Colorado would be the clarity of the water... for sure. Still beautiful.


My future Botanist

My favorite shot. Would look great in black and white or sepia, I think, but the colors are just to beautiful to hide.

If you look closely you can see a rainbow right in the center.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


I don't know if you noticed in the birthday pictures but Bell wasn't happy with the style I have chosen for her hair so she did some work on it. She also wrote all over herself with marker. This is what happened when I told her she could not put the hair back. She kept saying " I want my hair back, mama" It was all very sad as you can see.

So I cleaned her up and took some more pictures so we could remember this forever. Motherhood is so fun.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

I'm sure you already know this but 3 years is quite a big deal! There is peeing in the potty and putting on your own shoes. Lots of things to be done. To much to go into detail at great length.

Bell's birthday party was lots of fun for her. She had pizza and "bwunch"(Ranch) which is her favorite thing in the world right now. She tore through her presents faster than G-man could snap the pictures all along being quite charming and giggly. She slept with the fun bear that Aunt K got her. Actually she didn't sleep, she played... for hours before crashing.
We are seriously potty-training now so she wore no pants during the entire party. Just a shirt and panties.

Bell decided she wanted a balloon cake so I made her up cupcakes instead of the ladybugs. She loved them. She woke me up with one in hand yesterday morning whispering. "I eat cupcake?"

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Buck Up...Date.

Bell's third birthday I soon. The planning is slow-going. I told Boog she could invite two of her friends from school but I have yet to call those two friends parents. I also haven't bought any of the food or any presents. We don't exactly have big parties. We have get togethers with family and maybe a few extras but that's it. At the most there will be about ten people there.

I'm going to do a ladybug cake, I think, or maybe just a bunch of little cupcakes to spell out Happy Birthday Bell. I know I can pull one of those off. I have been looking at princess cakes at but most of those are very elaborate with fondant and everything. I am not there yet.

G-man has been doing great at work he has had a lot of business and that is always good for us. He has been palying the guitar and bought himself some recording programs. All he has to do with these programs is hook his guitar up to the computer and play. It records it. Isn't that cool?! I thought it was.

I haven't been doing a whole lot. Just trying to keep up with my domestic bliss. haha. I did make a few things though:

These little witches

I needed a pincushion because this just wasn't working. It looks like, no scratch that, it was a den of pain.

So I gave my little bird a little more character.