Monday, October 23, 2006

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

I'm sure you already know this but 3 years is quite a big deal! There is peeing in the potty and putting on your own shoes. Lots of things to be done. To much to go into detail at great length.

Bell's birthday party was lots of fun for her. She had pizza and "bwunch"(Ranch) which is her favorite thing in the world right now. She tore through her presents faster than G-man could snap the pictures all along being quite charming and giggly. She slept with the fun bear that Aunt K got her. Actually she didn't sleep, she played... for hours before crashing.
We are seriously potty-training now so she wore no pants during the entire party. Just a shirt and panties.

Bell decided she wanted a balloon cake so I made her up cupcakes instead of the ladybugs. She loved them. She woke me up with one in hand yesterday morning whispering. "I eat cupcake?"


Anonymous said...

Very nice birthday pics. Ella looks more like Abby everday. Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Your kids are so cute!! When are you coming to visit?

Anonymous said...

oops that last comment was Stacey S.