Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This Christmas was very exciting for us. We are two families living here now so there was lots of buzzing and good times around the house. The guitarman even came out of his den for some good times.

This Christmas was all about technology. It was a Techmas. We got lots of the things we have wanted for a very long time but couldn't afford. I kind of felt funny about that because I don't see myself as someone who finds material things that important. To me, if it costs more than 50 bucks it's one of two things- not worth the money or something I can make. I just have problems with buying big ticket items because they are 90% of the time something that:
  1. Isn't needed.
  2. Is usually some kind of technologicallly advanced piece of crap that will cost half the price in two months because it will be replaced by something even more advanced and...
  3. In general just used to show off the fact that you got the dough to spend on something like that.

That's not me.

Rick is kind of the opposite. He loves technology and loves little devices to do umpteen different tasks. It's actually really cute to me that way he gets excited about all these things. But even still we never buy the high end stuff.

Rick helped me with my unwillingness to move forward. He said to me that we have worked so hard for so long to be able to have the things we want and admire. Our hard work has finally paid off and instead of feeling bad about our purchases we should just be proud of them... and he's right.

So I am going to try and not feel like I don't deserve this great stuff, because we all do and even if it materialistic.

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