Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't know if you noticed but I've been a little busy... I guess.

I have definitely been preoccupied with other things. I have been doing a lot of photography stuff and having a lot of fun with that. School is harder than I thought because you actually have to study... can you believe that?! Jerks.

I have been having a good time with my sister living with us. There are times when things get a little hairy and I do that think I do where I start complaining about everthing everyone in the house is doing. yeah. All in all though we are working things out and I suspect the little bumps will be smoothed out when all understand each other a little better. Some tweeks in out routines if you know what I mean.

My photography is really coming along, I have gotten some really good feedback about how to get my "style" in every shot, not just the ones of my family. It's the love I have for them. It translates differently because I am truly seeing them different. Soooo... the pictures turn out fabulous. I have to love everyone? Maybe not but I do have to translate it to that so I can really start to develop my "style".

Rick is doing very well. He is sleeping well. That's always good. :)

What else?!

I guess a few photos.

Abby working hard on a turkey pendant at school and my sister in her Halloween costume.
Chair and Mushroom


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your blog
Sandy looks like ya's daddy and granny Exie

Aunt Pat

Kat said...

You are so talented! The mushroom picture knocks me over. (Of course, I love food so that is no surprise.)