Friday, May 25, 2007

zooo zooo zooo

The Schools annual trip to the Zoo was today and I am a regular classroom mom so I got to be a chaperone. Quite a priveledge. I was in charge of four lovely little girls. We had so much fun it's rediculous and we didn't have any meltdowns until it was time to go home so... it didn't really count.

My four.


The Cleveland Zoo has a couple of great exhibits. (That we got to visit, I am sure there are many more.) The Touch exhibit was super fun. You get to touch the Rays & Sharks. I highly valued the experince as I have never been anywhere even remotely exotic enough to touch a Mantaray. They are so slick and smooth on their bellies. There was one that was enormous and a bit of a showboat if you ask me. He would pass really close to you and then circle back (a very cool-looking action) for another pass. As if to say "you people can't get enough of me, I'll let ya have another feel." I was to into it to take pictures but here are some others:

I love this guy!


Fat and happy warthog

For the pre-historic fans there have a special exhibit called Dinosaurs, appropriately enough. This was a big, huge, gigantic hit with my four girls. The passes were a dollar a piece, we were not allowed to buy any additional anything for our groups but we got into that exhibit somehow anyway. *wink*

Aaawww babies.

This guy is pretty gross to me.

water fun!

what is this thing called?!

I would have included more of the girls but I didn't ask permission. Sorry. Drop by the house, I'll show you.


carolyn said...

Looks like great fun was had by all.

Jamie said...

Well it is about time! Love You. I was getting tired of seeing ACHOO!! Hehehehe