Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not as easy as I had hoped.

I have been thinking of what I can blog about. My daily life is horribly boring, I mean, probably no more than anyone elses but still... that's not interesting. So I have had a few ideas, if anyone is actually reading this, go right ahead and let me know what you think would be most interesting.

Ok first idea was books. I have hundreds of books that I get at garage sales or buy because they are recommended to me by friends and so on. I only read a select few of them so I thought a good idea would be to make a challenge for myself where I don't buy anymore books until I read what I have. Each time I knock one of the list I can write a little about it and maybe a review of sorts and recommend or not recommend you read it.

Second idea would be any and all things fashion (on a budget, of course) because we all know I love it. I think I would do a weekly post on a completely or mostly thrifted outfit with price of the total outfit and where I got it. Maybe do a thing where I thrift one item a week and do a couple of outfits with that one item.

Third, I do projects. I think mostly furniture stuff but a mixture of salvaging and decorating and clothing and home stuff with links to the blogs I get inspired by. I would do the same as with the fashion where I itemize the cost of materials and time to do the project. I could also parlay this into a use what you've got kind of thing because I have plenty of fabric and miscellaneous items I have picked up over the years with the intention of doing something with but never getting around to it.

Last. I could do all three in rotation.

What do you think? Please take a minute and comment, I'd love to hear what you think.


Patty Cakes


Heather said...

Hey girlie, I had no idea that you blogged...did I?

I say do one, two or all of the above. Whenever I plan something out for my blog I hardly ever follow through. Okay I do sometimes.....

I know that I am going to start participating in "What I Wear Wednesdays"' If only I remember to start taking decent pics of what I wear throughout the week.

Whatever you do here I look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Well Patty Cakes, I read and thoroughly enjoyed your blog when you did it before. I like all your ideas. I feel that if you plan your blogs they don't come together, because you always have something else you have discovered that you want to blog on. I am sure every day of your life something happens that makes you smile. I would like to be a little part of that. I can do that through your blog.
I'm just sayin'...... Ma

Anonymous said...

I agree with mama Judy! I loved reading your blogs about whatever it was you felt like blogging about that day. You may think you are boring but I can tell you, you are not!
I stopped visiting your blog for a couple of reasons. 1. you hardly every put updates on it and I came to the site more than not to only see all the ones I read. 2. I got a new computer and lost my link and since i knew you didn't blog at all or hardly ever I never thought to ask.
So basically I love Trish's random blogs about whatever you have to say. I love you and miss you and it is a way to be more connected.

Cassie said...

Go with the flow. Some people say a blog must stay on one topic but I think that's baloney. Write about whatever. We write about our lives. Every now and then something is (somewhat) exciting. Most of the time, it's just fun stuff. Some people go to our site to learn about raising chickens, some go to learn about Puerto Rico, some for Greeley stuff. We write about gardening, events, concerts, whatever. Some people just visit to check in and see what we are up to in our life. All of that works for me! The hardest thing is to just keep it up!