Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bath Time.

Nilla is a Maltese/Bichon mix. It sounds very fancy schmancy, I know. But all it really means is that she's high maintenance. I have to give her a bath every other day, I have to pay someone to cut her hair (which I have yet to do because I can't stand the thought of it, I just cut it myself) and I have to keep her delicate little nails trimmed up.

She is really cute after she has been blow-dried, huh!

She hates having a bath. She shakes the whole time she is in the tub and bites at the brush when I am blow-drying her. That is the part that I didn't sign on for. I am all for the cutesy schmootsy Doggies, but I didn't sign on for the indignance and down right stubborness. I might as well have had another kid!
After it is all said and done she Rocket Dogs(the link is not Nilla but a great example of her rocket dogging) around the house for like ten minutes. Stopping only to push her head across the floor like she's trying to wipe off the cleanliness and to scrath at various parts of her body.

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Kat said...

Should'a gotten a puggle!