Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Got Dreeeeaaams

Dear Heavens, you can have them. I don't want to remember them.

When a dream comes along and you have it, so lucidly that you wake up crying and you are paralyzed by the fear of it. Well just.... Fuck that. Often when I hear people talk about their dreams and how they always dream of this that and the other I get a little jealous. I get a little sad that I dont have such tangible dreams. *Que the screeching to a halt record noise.* Over it!

So last night I had a dream that one of my beloved progeny passed. The bizzare awareness that I had of her even though she was gone was overwhelming in the dream and even still, now, knowing it wasn't real. I was consumed with grief and unable to leave our home. She kept telling me to go and I couldn't, because she was there. She was a ghost in our home and I couldn't move away because I couldn't leave her there, alone. What do you get when you analyze that? I wouldn't know.

 From there it evolved into something weird in which a man in an and airport gave me a whole bunch of jewelry from a dead guy and, after googling it, he found out one of the rings were worth $200,000.00. I put it in my pocket and said thank you as I ran for the gate.

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What did dream dict say.