Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nothing at all.

I have nothing to blog about but I haven't blogged in at least a week or more so I thought I would just ramble on and see what happens.

On the crafty front, I have been making these little change purse/maybe a little make-up bag thingy's. They are really cute. I have made them with all the scrap materials I buy at garage sales. I have even been switching it up and doing some different styles for each one. I need new camamra batteries so there will be no pictures for now.

Boog and Bell have a new babysitter. She is a cute 14 year old girl. They love her to pieces. Boog even gives her hugs and kisses, she doesn't even give her Gramma hugs and kisses. I am so glad I finally found someone who is honest and trustworthy. It's been a long road.

So the last Self Portrait was such a big hit I am having trouble thinking of something that will top it.

I am finally having a garage sale. I have been preparing for this thing for about a month. I need tables though. I will have to borrow one from my MIL. I don't enjoy having garage sales as much as I enjoy going to them which is probably why it has taken me so long to get it together for this one.

My best friend, Lucy, had her 26th b-day on Saturday. She boycotted it. I didn't think you could do that but she did. Oh the hilarities! That's her in the picture.

Ella is still potty-training. It's my own fault. I get discouraged and just put a diaper on her when she has one to many accidents or a dirty one... nothing like dunking and swooshing some poopy panties to really make you feel like "maybe she's not ready yet". But she will be three in October, she has got to be ready... right?

That's really all I can think to babble about.

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