Friday, July 07, 2006

The Smell of Home

I hate potpourri. I think it covers up the scent of your home. I want to smell wood and cloth and cleaners and laundry detergent and bath soap and shampoo or whatever. I want to know people live here when I walk into a house. Not smell cinnamon and spice or Country Garden ( gag) or whatever.

A few weeks ago a girl knocked on my door (she was a kindred spirit on this matter) and wanted to sell me some magazine subscription. I let her in and she immediately said " Oh your house smells so good." I said "ok, thanks." Like that is going to get me to buy something... yeah right. She then went on to tell me every house she had been in had smelled like some kind of smelly crap or another but mine smelled like a home. I bought a subscruption to Rolling Stone.

It came in the mail today, that's what triggered the thought.

Subject change.

I got a new sewing machine today! I am so excited about it, too. It is nothing like the old Singer I have been using. It actually just glides the cloth right out of your hand and sews a straight line for you. I had no idea it could be like this. I am in love.

Thank you Singer Engineers. Thank you Isaac Singer for being a stubborn old bastard and fighting the good fight. Thank you sales lady at Walmart, thank you gay check-out guy who wanted to talk about quilting looms all because he saw my purchase.( I was confused about that one too.) But most of all thank you to The Guitarman for being so awesome and cool about my neverending need to craft. I'll miss you the most Guitarman.


Now I must create!

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