Sunday, December 17, 2006

What can I say?

I haven't had time to do any blogging.

I did pictures with Santa for Abby's school this past week. It was fun to be able to do that for all of them but I am not happy that some came out a little blurry. I turned off the flash on the second day because Santa literally started to tear up. Unfortunately that made the auto-focus a little off and about ten of the pictures came out blurry. A few were so blurry they are unrecognizable. EEK. I feel horrible about it. Poor kids. I wish there was a make-up day.

All of the children were so cute! They were in total aw that Santa was sitting in front of them. Some of them would rub his fur when they were telling him what they wanted. A few held his hand and played with his nails or his beard hair. There were only a couple that didn't want anything to do with him. Abby wouldn't go up without the wonderful Ms. C by her side. Another little girl didn't want to talk to him but she got her picture taken with him. They all made my week. It was great to be there!

I started and finished three purses. Two for my nieces and one for my sister. They don't usually read here so I don't think they will see this but I want to wait to post pictures just in case.

All of my packages and cards have been sent out. That's a lie I still have a few stragglers in the out box. I will have to remember those tomorrow.

We have a lot of painting coming up because the living room is not making us happy anymore and we switched rooms with Abby and Ella so we now have aqua walls and they have brown walls. It will probably take all Winter for us to get it all done. We are also still renovating the downstairs bathroom so that should be another thing we have done before the Winter is over. Not going to be another boring Winter for us!

A blog isn't complete with out some pictures so here ya go.

Abby and Ms.C with Santa. Doesn't Abby just look like the happiest little girl in the world!!???

Had to get one of Santa. He was a fun guy to talk to all day. He was really good about staying in character and I even found myself telling him stories as if he were Santa. He was very convincing. His wife was also very lovely and sweet. She kept him in line when he got a little feisty.

Our Stockings in the morning sun.

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