Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 is an Odd Year... Perfect!

I know this year is going to be great. I can feel it. How can it not be? Potty training is all done ( Yeah!!!!). Dog is house broken. (Which is amazing considering we have only had her for about a month and she is only 4 months old.) Rick is doing great at work. There may be some changes for him in the year to come. We'll see what happens. I, after many years of wandering...lost, have finally settled into a domestic routine.

I'm not gonna be obtuse and say it's pure bliss but it's pretty good so far.

Christmas was humbly satisfying. We are still able to make our children happy with the little things. They don't want for tons of stuff so we can get by on our small budget. Less than a dozen gifts for each and they are content which makes me happy. You never know how long that will last so I am enjoying while I can.

New Years was great. Rick and I had a Mexican theme for the night. We had enchiladas and some special recipe mexican dip that Rick loves. (Thanks to Mom for that.) What would a mexican theme party for two be without a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix? We started drinking a little early and watched Fifty First Dates, my favorite movie. By the time the movie was over I was so stuffed and a little more than tipsy. I was ready to hit the hay. Rick was not having that so I stayed up with him and Abby. We all shared a New years Kiss.

Abby was so cute. She couldn't understand why we had to kiss. She kept asking why everyone on tv was kissing. "Ew, I don't like watching that." So funny. To be fair, some of those people could have backed off the tongue a little bit. I didn't really enjoy watching it either. Ella conked out early but I'm sure she would have felt the same.

We made cupcakes for Santa. He loved them. It's a special recipe. I'd give it to you but theres magic involved so... if you're not into that kind of thing don't even ask.

Wow! Don't get to excited about it there, Abby.

Cute stuff. Nice chocolate face.

Rick's Brother and his family came up from Alabama for a few days after Christmas and we had a great time. Shelly is so much fun it's rediculous. I feel completely at ease with her and I have only actually met her like 3 times. I guess that's what family is, huh. We had lots of fun drinking some beers and singing karaoke with the whole family in Hawaii. Just kidding, it just looks like it's hawaii. It's really Rick's Moms basement. They went all out with the Hawaiian Huki Lounge theme.




Butch, Kalle and Judi

Jason is the bald head. He's Kalle's boyfriend and the kids love him.

We also took advantage of everyone being together and took some group photos.

Kalle, Rick and Mick.

Kalle with Jason and her sweety-pie kids.

Mick and Shelly with their two boys.

Rick and I with the girlies.

Butch and Judi

With all the grandkids. Abby was not happy because her sister kept pulling her hair with her toes. What a little stinker that Bella is.

And finally everyone together. I think it took longer for me to post all these than it did to do the actual pictures.

How's that, Stacey?


Scout's Mama said...

Trisha, you have a very attractive family. You and Rick are a 'handsome couple' (ok, you're both Hotties) and your girls are beautiful.
I loved looking at all the pics and hearing about your holidays.

Anonymous said...

Too cute, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Carolyn should be sending me pics of the kids Christmas at mom and dad's I will send them to you as soon as I get them....

Anonymous said...

That is much better!!! Love the pictures your family is beautiful!! Love ya!!!