Friday, January 05, 2007

100 Things About Me.

1. I am a Mother.
2. I have two really cute kids.
3. I was a lonely kid.
4. I have an older sister and younger brother.
5. I am married to Rick.
6. I am not at all interested in knitting or crocheting.
7. I am not perfect.
8. I live in Ohio.
9. I miss Colorado.
10. I miss my family.
11. I have a step-dad, his name is Ronnie.
12. My father died when I was 6.
13. I love my husband more than even he knows.
14. I am nosy.
15. I love blogs.
16. Organizing makes me happy.
17. The pictures in magazines like Martha Stewart Living and the like give me butterflies in my stomache.
18. It's hard for me to forgive deciet.
19. I cry everytime I watch Father of the Bride because it makes me sad not happy.
20. I was in the Army.
21. I am just now starting to figure out who I am and what I am good at.
22. I like country music.
23. I am a night owl. I live off about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night.
24. I have a dog named Penny.
25. My mother was born in Texas.
26. I was born in New Mexico.
27. Never fails, everytime I hear The Star Spangled Banner I cry.
28. I try to have a total meltdown at least twice a year.
29. I knew what my daughters name was going to be when I was 16.
30. I believe in destiny.
31. I LOVE astrology and psychics and all that mojo.
32. The Office, both British and American, is the funniest show ever to be on TV.
33. Before I became a mother I was totally and completely relaxed about pretty much everything.
34. After becoming a mother I got pretty uptight about things and I am now trying to get back to the old me and chill out a little.
35. Crossing things off a list gives me a great sense of accomplishment.
36. I love photography.
37. I am on a diet. I hate saying it.
38. My breasts still tingle, as if producing milk, when my kids do something that really hits me emotionally. Wierd, I know.
39. Rick is gonna hate that I actually posted that last one. hehe.
40. My best friend is Jamie P.
41. I love her very much.
42. We like to have fun together.
43. Everyone is annoyed by us when we are together, except us. hehe.
44. I was born in New Mexico.
45. I collect vintage stuff.
46. I am very scared to show people the things I make cause I am afraid they aren't going to like it.
47. Secretly I think " how could the not like it?" just to make myself feel better if they don't end up liking it.
48. Chips and salsa are my favorite snack.
49. I reward myself once a week... just for whatever.
50. I take my kids to McDonalds for dinner on Thursdays.
51. I washed a chapstick with the laundry today.
52. Goo Gone gets any stain you could possibly ever have out.
53. My sister and brother are named Sandy and Dusty. My name is Trisha.
54. My aunts names are Julie, Joyce, Janet and my mom is Judy. My uncle is named David.
55. My kitchen walls are yellow.
56. My living room walls are blue and a dark tan color.
57. I like to give old things new life.
58. I think my Gramma is still with me. Especially when I am inspired to make things.
59. She inspired me to make things as a young girl too.
60. 50 First Dates is my favorite movie.
60. I want to take a few art classes.
61. I think experience and knowledge should trump a degree.
62. In the Army my MOS was 31L.
63. People have told me I look like Ellen Degeneres and Alanis Morisette.
64. If I were ever to have a boy (highly doubtful) he would me named Jack Lathan.
65. I love old names.
66. I love family names.
67. I had a Great Aunt named Ivalene. She would chew tobacco and crochet at the same time. She kept a spitoon next to her chair. She was great and a little scary at the same time.
68. I have to tell Ella to "get down" off of whatever she is climbing on at the moment like 10 times a day.
69. I am a Gemini. My husband is a Scorpio. My daughters are a Libra and an Aries.
70. Yeah, I like that stuff.
71. I have pledged to devote 2007 to Christmas crafting. It would be alot funner if Jamie lived closer.
72. I have done quite a bit of rock climbing in my life.
73. When I was 18 I fell about 50 feet down the face of a cliff. I'm ok.
74. Never use wool gloves when repelling.
75. Even if your instuctor says it's ok.
76. I like colorful socks but I think I may be getting to old to wear them. Is there really such a thing?
77. It's 1:25 am right now.
78. Almost there.
79. Abby loves Chicken Little.
80. Ella loves Cars.
81. My favorite is The Little Mermaid.
82. I didn't cry on the first day of school, I cried on the second day.
83. Hello My name is Fabulous.
84. I have a myspace.
85. I am not good at accesorising
86. I adore red heads.
87. I loathe the news.
88. I heart JT. He's bringing sexyback.
89. I cut coupons and rarely use them.
90. I am an ex smoker that occasionally has a cigarette.
91. I have had my heart broken.
92. I have broken a few myself.
93. I was never very innocent.
94. I experimented with drugs (psychadelics mostly) alot.
95. I use Tide.
96. I love romance. Anybody know where I can get some?
97. I have a new favorite reality show ~ Bad Girls on Oxegyn Network
98. I have had three wedding bands. All from Rick and all with stories.
99. I do not have a green thumb.
100. Me Now.


Anonymous said...

you said you were born in New Mexico TWICE!! And my life would be alot funner if I lived closer too :(

Coming Along Nicely said...

Yes! theres something else I repeated, too. Geez.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me as you mother that as I read the list I cried. You always think you know everything about your children, but you always know you deep down you don't. You are like me in so many ways. Now I REALLY know that. Hello, My name is Judy, let's talk sometime.