Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goodies and kindness

A few months ago an elderly lady that lives a few houses down from us passed away. Her daughter has been in town for quite some time to settle all her affairs. She has been having an on going estate sale. Every week she has new items that she has found from cleaning up the house. Apparently her mother was what I fandly refer to as a "keeper". She kept everything. I check in with her every week to see if there is anything that suits my fancy. Yesterday I found a few things.

I got this childrens dresser for $8. It needs to be sanded and stained or painted. I haven't decided which.

I walked around that house for a good 30minutes trying to decide whether or not to pay $40 for this cute table and chairs. In the end I decided against and just went for the dresser. When I came back with my van for the dresser the woman ( I should have gotten her name) told me if I wanted the table she would give it to me for $20. What a steal! She told me she would much rather two little girls enjoy it rather than an antique dealer. She went on to say how she and her sister would have tea parties on the table and if she found the set of linens and the tea set she would have her son bring them over to me. I almost popped I was so excited! I thanked her about 5 times before I left that house.

The legs are the best part. They have a slight bow to them. I don't know why but the legs make it special to me.

I also got a very cute chenille bedspread with matching pillowcase for $5. I didin't get picture of it yet but when I do I will post them.

I didn't get these chairs at the sale but I wanted to share them. The smaller one was made by my Manny ( He's my step-fathers Dad.) He can make anything out of wood. The chair is called a "naughty chair" but we don't use it for that. Ella uses in mostly for watching tv. The other one is just old and worn and I love that. Maybe one day I will find something useful to do with it but for now I use it as a step-ladder because it is extremely sturdy.

On the Photography front, I have been experimenting with natural lighting. It's very difficult to take a GOOD picture with natural light but I am learning. Here are a few.

Abby likes to line up her oranges. I think it's cute.

She also likes happy faces.

My Christmas cards.

Some of the trees I blogged about before Christmas. Rick says they look more like mountains.

Just the living room in natural light.

The step-ladder chair.

Some fancy art A'la Boog and Bell. Not naturally lit, just cute. Water color is my favorite art medium, especially for kids. Abby has done some great pictures of flowers. I will post them sometime.


pedalpower said...

Wow you really hit the jackpot! And how nice of that lady to give you a deal on the table and chairs..and you're right, they are adorable.

Good job with the with the photography too. I'm trying to use mostly natural light too. A tripod is helping alot.

Anonymous said...

Great furniture! And what a lovely woman to think of your children building memories as she has. Your pics are coming along nicely...hehe Mom