Monday, January 29, 2007

Health Care

Sick, sick, sickies. Both of the girls were sick with some kind of bronchial infection and ear infections. Seeing as we do not have insurance I only took one of them to the Express Care (it's an after hours facility the hospital has right in the ER.) They split the antibiotics and decongestant. I know that is not good but I have to do what I can with what I have. I told the doctor I had another little one with the same symptoms in hopes he would give me a large prescription for both. Unfortunately that did not work. He just said I should have her see someone. Yeah... thanks... like I didn't know that, guy.

I have to say that for the past couple of years not having insurance has really made me think about the Universal Health Care Initiative. My family is by no means in the poverty situation but we are also not in an upper middle class situation either. We are smack in the middle where it's hard and you have to sacrifice some things to get by. We make to much money to be helped with Medicaid but we don't make enough to pay $500 a month on insurance. I know there are lower priced insurance out there, trust me... I know, but with those you get either/or (you choose office visits or prescriptions to be covered but not both) and it ends up not being worth the money you pay.

It's a balancing act. On Wednesday when Abby was complaining of an earache I knew that I had to send her to school because at school the nurse will look her over and call me if anything is wrong. That was my way of making sure I didn't go the doctor only to find out Abby was just being overly sensitive to something minor, which is not something I would normally assume of her but that's what I mean. I have to be sure before I do anything.

I think the Universal Health care Initiative would be great for our country. For people like me who are in the middle especially. Everything I have done, medically, comes right out of our pockets. It comes out of my children's college fund, it comes out of our vacation money, it comes out of our budget for bills, our grocery money... everything. To not have to worry about that would make many lives so much easier. I mean it's terrible that I have to weigh my options when it comes to taking my sick babies to the doctor. It's terrible I have to split the medicine for one into two thus making it less effective. It's just not necessary and that's why Universal Healthcare is completely necessary.

The only people I could think that would be against this is maybe Doctors. With this kind of thing they may take a pay cut of some kind. Would that really be all that terrible. Private practice doctors make an insane amount of money, to me, as it is so I don't think taking it down a notch would change their lifestyle all that much. I mean shouldn't they want something like this because it will improve peoples lives, which is what they are supposed to be in the business of doing anyway?


Jamie said...

i feel ya sista!!!!

carolyn said...

Although we all knock it the National Health system in the Uk is brilliant. Free health care for all children and OAP, free Doctors, surgery etc. You pay for your prescription unless you are on a low wage or some kind of benefit but kids are free. Long waiting lists though.
Even with a system that doesn't cost me anything for my children we don't actually go to the doctors very often. Accidents and emergency yes, but otherwise I try to use more natural treatments such as herbal, plant oils etc,they do work.

pedalpower said...

Yup something needs to be done...growing up we had no well health care so we hardly ever went to the doctor or dentist. It's not a good way to do things. After growing up that way, I'm thankful every day that we have good ins through Joe's work. Something needs to be done though..there's too many who don't have ins through work and there needs to be a better way to provide for all.

on a lighter note, thanks for the link to the handwarmers! I never would have thought of using pie weights in them!