Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Big 18 and Kindergarten

The Girl turned 18 last week and we had a nice little get together with her grandparents for it. I made her a cake. I had to outfit it with the trick candles. *giggles*. We sang Happy Birthday and it was a lovely time. Oh. She actaully wore a skirt. That's what I remember most, because she looked to lady like and cute in that thing.

I can't really reflect on how she has grown from a little girl to a young woman because we have only started to get to know each other. I can say she is on her way to a great life. I hope she takes advantage of every oppurotunity that comes her way and lives life to the fullest.

Now If I could just get her to clean her room.

Abby's first day of Kindergarten went off without a hitch. I spent a few hours with her for the orientation so she was ok with me going when it was time. She looked so very cute in her little tinnies and that big backpack that dwarfed her. She made me take like 3 pictures of just the backpack.

Her teacher was very nice. (I'll call her Ms. C.) She was assertive with the children but still very kind and soft-spoken. Abby was shy at first. She wouldn't shake her hand. That's her thing though, she doesn't talk to new people. I am sure she lit right up as soon as I was gone. Her teacher was very organized. The security is strict, which is something I was worried about. You have to show an ID every day to pick up your kid. I don't mind.

She had her first school lunch (hamburger, peaches, peas and chocolate milk.) She ate the hamburger and drank the milk. That's it. The lunch is open to parents. I can take her McDonalds if I want and we can eat together. I think that's pretty cool.

I wonder if the school burgers taste the same as they did when I was in school.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear first day of the Big K went off without a hitch. She has always been her own person. The Girl will learn as she goes just as you did. She may need you more than you know. Love, The Mom