Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Boog

My Boog is is a strange and wonderful creature. Sometimes she seems so much older than 5 and sometimes she seems to be so much younger than the other kids her age.

Not even a full month after she turned 5 she insisted that I take the training wheels off her bike. I did. Then she insisted that I put them back on. I did. Then it was back to taking them off and I did making it clear that this would be the last time.

I tried to hold the bike and run along side of her. She would not have it. So I just sat ont he porch and watched as wiped out many, many times. With-in 3 days she had tought herself to ride a bike. I was in awe but a little shocked. That incident really gave me an insight into what kind of person she is ( going to be).

A few months ago I had to force her talk to anyone. Age did not matter. She wouldn't even say goodbye to her grandparents. She wouldn't talk to other children either. In the past two weeks she has made friends with two new children in the neighborhood. All on her own, of coarse, she went to their house and said "hey, ya wanna play?" That was it. (I wish it was only so easy at my age.)

Last week we visited Hey Jude ( her grandma) and she pulled her chair really close to her and said " Grandma, I have to be this close to you because I love you so much." I was shocked. Hey jude was even a little taken aback. It was a definite moment for them.

The point is that I realize this child, like many others will not be pushed into anything. She will do it on her own, when she feels like it. It's not a bad thing.

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