Friday, May 19, 2006

So just let me introduce myself

My name is Humpty, pronounced with an umpty. No just kidding. I always think of that song when I have to introduce myself to someone. The pressure of an introducuction. How do you sum yourself up? I have children, I am a proficient but messy housekeeper. I get a little crazy if things aren't where I want them when I want them. I much prefer the mountains over the metro parks. I used to be an interesting person, now I am a silly mother and wife. It's not a bad gig, it definitely has its moments. I try not to take life to seriously. So I guess thats kinda me... in a nutshell.

Oh... if there are any actual readers of this blog, all of this was for my introduction to my new friends at Self Portrait Challenge. It's going to be fun to participate.

It took a few tries but I finally got it uploaded... correctly. Now I gotta figure out the damn button.


Jamie said...

You are so funny! I miss you tons and wish I were there so we could take crazy pictures together. Just wanted you to know I read this and look for new posts everyday. Love and miss you tons.

Coming Along Nicely said...

You are the only one. That's ok, Its fun to know you read it. I love you too.