Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Children's Museum of Cleveland

If you live in the Cleveland Metro Area I highly recommend you head out to the East side to visit The Children's Museum of Cleveland. Guitarman and I took the kiddos yesterday. He got free tickets from one of his customers who is an administrator for the place.

The place is amazing. It doesn't look like much from the outside but what they have done on the inside is amazing. They have a barn room with lots of soft fun for toddlers and babies. There are lots of corn and potatoes that need to be gathered in little wheel barrows and put down the silo shoot. There are horses, cows, pigs and even a little mock pond with turtles and frogs just for babies. The best part is the barn slide. The girls had a blast on that.

The room called Bridges To Our Community has a RTA bus they can play on, a grocery store where they can shop and play cashier. It also has a hospital with a nursery and an office for admin. stuff. There is a dentist section to look at x-rays of teeth. The Post Office is also there and they can use the ATM if they are short of cash.

The nutrition room is fun and has lots of facts about portion sizes for children and the food group. There is a dress-up with a stage to entertain on. Exercise areas with mirrors so they can watch their bodies move, which always results in a breakdown of lots of giggles. The big castle in the middle of the room is a play area. Lb xfAEGR" plzots of jumping and moving on that. This room also had alot of flyers with nutritional information on it that you can take with you.

Saving the best for last, I can not forget to mention the Splish Splash room. This is the room we were in the longest. They have little raincoats for kids to put on and play with this huge water table. It kind of looks like the massive, metal sinks that they have at schools. It has little areas where you can build a damn, create your own little geyser or you can just play with all the fun water toys. There were also little section to learn about weather and nature or be the weatherman. For the smaller children there was also a coloring area and little lockers with clothes in them for each season.

Rick has the camara right now but I will add the pictures later.

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