Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthropology Can Suck It!

As we all know I read lots of blogs. A few months ago I came across a number of blogs with their own versions of this Necklace:

I know, Pretty right!

Anyhow, so I browsed around and took a look at the "how I did it" on this blog and a thread on Craftster.

Then I made my own.

I tore apart some fake flowers from the dollar store and then reassembled them the way I wanted. Bought the pearls, wire and clasp at Pat Cataan's for about 15 bucks all together, but I also have tons of pearls, wire and clasps left over so all in all it cost me about ten bucks to make it. Yeah, it's  fifty-six bucks at Anthropology.

I like mine better.


Heather said...

very cool. I have the stuff to make several necklaces similar to this one and other that anthro sells, they are going to be christmas gifts.

Coming Along Nicely said...

Love them! I am making a doily necklace next. I have tons of old doilies my Gma gave me and FINALLY I have a use for them. I am so excited.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those flowers Magnolias you used. They are my favorite! Good job Missy!

Coming Along Nicely said...

Well Thank you! I don't know what kind of flowers they are, I just got the prettiest and silkiest ones I could find at the Dollar Store.

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

Super cute! I love your spin on it!

Coming Along Nicely said...

Thank you!

Amber Trukositz said...

I really really adore this. So pretty. Awww I really really adore this (wink wink..nudge nudge). xoxoxo Big extra kissed and huggies.