Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Have to Try This One!

I am all about making some home-made gifts this year. If you don't like home-made gifts, just let me know and I will be sure and not give you a present. (Yes, I am passive aggressive.) Seriously though, not to go on a tangent here, I always feel like people appreciate things you make for them less, when in fact they should be more grateful that you took the time to do something extra special with your own two hands. I mean really, people! That is so not what I intended this blog to be about.

Ok, moving on.

I am super excited about this one! I think it's my favorite thing I have seen around the internet for years and never made. last night I spent hours tearing apart a book, yes you read that right. I tore it until it was nothing. It was an old I have had since high school and I already read it so just relax, Amber.

This is what I got in return though:

Beautiful, right!

Now what you're looking at here is a first draft. I learned a few things. One, you're using hot glue so use your fingers as little as possible. Having a pencil to use for pressing the cones down is very necessary. Two, Definitely make sure you do the step that instructs you to cut the end off the inside layers because your little circle won't cover the ugly tips at the center otherwise. Make sure when you roll them, you make the bottom tiny and not large, they are much prettier that way. It took me a few tries to get it just right, this wreath is made with the cones that didn't make the cut on the pretty scale so can yoy imagine how pretty the next one is going to be?! Make sure you roll it so that the page number is not in the visible part of the cone, I didn't like seeing the page numbers on my finished wreath. Just a few tips, I hope they help.

I also have seen a lot of decorating of them. I like them plain but if you google "paper wreaths" you will see a lot of ribbon and glitter. Not my style, but I think I will add some paint or watercolor to the edge to age them a little.

The tutorial is on a blog called BagsandBuds & Fobulous! The Tutorial is here. If you try it, I want to see your pictures. I will be making many more so maybe you will get one for Christmas, too!

As a sidenote, while I was making these I was watching/listening to the Artist Den on the Ovation channel. Great show with good music. Today is Amy Mann, Glen Hansard and Crowded House. mmhhmm. Crowded House was very good, actually. I enjoyed it. I'm not a big Amy Mann fan, though... and I don't think that's how she spells her name but I don't care so don't correct me.

As Sammy would say- Peace and One, Ya'll!


Casey Dillahay said...

My new address:
1950 63rd Ave
Vero Beach, Fl 32966

You will need it to send my paper wreath, right? I think it is very very cool and beautiful. Can I request what book it is made out of or is it just going to be one you have laying around? LOL

Coming Along Nicely said...

You're on the list, but you know you shouldn't put your address in public places right? hehehheee. I'm glad you like them, Dear. I'll jazz it up a bit for ya.

Anonymous said...

I Love it! You are too talented!


Amber Trukositz said...

LOl. I did do a little gasp about the book. Hee hee. I loooove it. BTW - I love homemade gifts but I agree with you about some people being asswipes about homemade gifts. I really like to give that 10 year in a China a day off every now and then. P.S. This is Amber from the block.