Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ever Had One of These?

This week was super rough. Abby has had a persistent fever since Tuesday. Doctors in the hospital emergency clinic were of no help, tests galore and then a not really sure but here's some Zythro-something... manage her fever.

Okie dokie.

I am not going to feel good about sending her back to school unless the fever is gone. That would really be bad parenting. So here we are 2:00 in the morning fever raging on and we are just trying to "manage" it. Thank you medical expert.

On a good note there have been some things that are good. Abby being home with me all day everyday has been Fabulous. We hang out, watch shows together, sew together, nap together ( love the naps) and best of all she lets me hold her and give her kisses which equates to heaven in my book because my 9 year old isn't letting me do that very often these days. We made trees together, too. She stuffed, I sewed.

I have now come into my own as a Domestic Goddess of sorts. OH no. Nonononononononononono, You miss understand. The house is still a mess. BUT. Now I can vacuum in style. I am the proud owner of a Dyson 17 or something. (The technicals aren't the point, ok.) Does anyone have one of these puppies? OMG you have not vacuumed unless you have vacuumed with one of these. They actually bounce and move and the cyclonic filter system that guy on the commercial is talking about is no joke. NO JOKE.

Ella is being wonderful. She made two stories with illustrations tonight. One is called The Shape Story. It's about a circle that changes into different shapes. The second was The Story with No Words. It's about vampires that cry a lot. Genius.

Speaking of genius, I discovered a great blog with art projects for kids catergorized by artists that are known for the techniques. Yes, genius. Check it out. It's all very simple and the projects are very easy to do with your kids.

Let's see what else?

Well I tried uploading pictures but Blogger won't let me. It's about as useful as doctors.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an eventful week. I hope Abby is feeling better. Give her a kiss from Grandma Judy. You didn't mention the Craft Fair. How did it go?

Coming Along Nicely said...

It was ok. I left it to take Abby to the e.R. I sold one tree but gave the money to maegen because she paid for the table.

Heather said...

have they checked her for mono? I would see if you could get the blood test as its going around and a unending fever is a big part of it.