Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movie Sunday

I have a few recommendations in case you are looking to watch a movie on this fine Sunday after Christmas or any Sunday, really.

First Home From the Hill. It's a 1960 story about a town with secrets. A very young, but still kind of tan, George Hamilton is a spoiled rich kid. The very handsome Robert Mitchum plays his father and rich man of the town. Georage Peppard is the illegitamate son that saves the day. ( Also very handsome in his day.) Check it out, you will love it.

IF you're more interested in something a little newer then we have the tale of a silkie that the sea spit out. Ondine is a love story, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. The beautiful Irish accents hooked me from the start. Colin Farrel plays a fisherman that catches a beautiful woman in his net and his life changes in some very strange ways. His little daughter steals the whole show, she is smart and witty and, of course, Irish.

Happy Sunday to you.

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