Monday, June 26, 2006

My favorite 23 year old.

Last week I had the pleasure of entertaining a very good friend from the Good ole Colorful Colorado. Or did she have the pleasure of entertaining me? Either way we had loads of fun. We schlepped my children from one garage sale to the next on a very humid day and she loved it. You know you loved it, girl. We only had her for two days but she definitely livened up our little home while she was here.

My children adore her , I'm not sure why. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. She is pretty much the only girlfriend of mine that can draw my brooding husband out of his shell.( That is quite an accomplishment, for any of you who don't know.) The Girl even came out of her den of moldy cups and stinky fish tanks to take a peek at this strange and wonderful new creature. It was a sight to behold.

My Weird Freind is beutiful and wonderful and I will miss her greatly until I see her again. She is the only friend I have who tolerates my dark, sick humor and even joins in the fun sometimes.

Now that she has gone we are back in our routine. Guitarman, being the only male in the house, is the main source of entertainment for all of us girlies. He has our undivided attention now. It's always fun to poke at him and get him all prickly.

The Girl found someone who wanted to buy her Camaro and we got her a nice practical Focus. Everyone is happy with this choice. I just wish we didn't have to go through 2 cars to get to this one. Oh well. I am happy that everyone else is happy. Now there will be no more complaining. Well, that's just a pipe dream, I know, but we all gotta have dreams.

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Anonymous said...

The only friend who tolerates your dark humor huh? Well I must admit I am a bit miffed :P