Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Thing About Parenting

I often wonder if we are over-thinking parenting. Is it ok to turn every little food issue into a well thought out blog? Isn't it normal for children to be picky eaters? Why does it have to be a so serious. They aren't going to let themselves starve. Barring any serious illness they will eat when they get hungry. I don't need a book or a doctor to tell me that.

Is a degree in psychology necesary to be a parent? I don't think so. Not everything my children do merits my evaluation of what kind of impact this moment could have on their futures.If I swat a tooshy after having exhausted other means of trying to gain control, am I going to scar her for life? I doubt it.

Why has potty-training become something that has to be taken so seriously, that it can make a mommy literally breakdown crying? I mean sometimes it's just not gonna work out. There will be accidents, there will be lots of poopy panties that will need to be swished around in the toilet until acceptably clean enough to launder. Life is not over.

I'm not on a high horse here.I have stood in a public bathroom, on the verge of tears, and begged a toddler to "pleeeeeaaaaaassse go in the potty." I have felt bad about not breastfeeding long enough. I have even wondered if I lose my temper to much. I have thought the thought that never seems to can never be answered ( when it is answered, its to late) "Am I a good mother?" I am guilty of taking it to seriously.

I just wonder why does all this have to be taken so damn seriously. Growing up is what it is. No matter what, their going to do it. As long as they are given love and attention they will be ok. Right. I think so.

Lets all just relax about the peas and carrots, the potty, the mean little friends, the scrapes and bruises, colds and coughs. Just breathe. They will survive. They have no other option.

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