Friday, June 09, 2006


For the past 6 months or more I have been attempting to make my childrens clothes. I made the cute little pillow-case dresses they wore in Easter.After making those I wanted to try out some patterns. I am having a very hard time with it.

I can't get the hang of binding the collars. I did ok, and I am using that word loosely, on the arm binding. My ability to sew a straight line is non-existant.I know I am making this harder that it needs to be and that if I keep at it, it will just click.

It's just really bugging me because this is something I want to be really good at. My Grandmother could sew anything and had so many ideas, she is the one I emulate. I want to sew like she did. I want to make quilts and wedding dresses and toys and clothes for my kids.

I'm just frustrated with it all right now.

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Jamie said...

well if you would just move down here by me I would teach you how to sew and we could do it together :) Love and miss you. See I do read your blog.