Monday, June 19, 2006

SPC: My first POP ART.

When Rick and I first got out of the Army we trusted that my family would follow through with certain promises. Unfortunately they did not and we were left to have an unprosperous life while living there.

The only joy I had was my photoshop program that came with my little 1mb kodak camara. I took pictures of everything, even our little shack we called a home. The picture I chose for this week was one of the pictures that I did while we lived there.

When I look at it I do see my baby girl but it mostly makes me think of how hard we had it and yet we still managed to find things that made us very happy: Margarita night, ice cold pepsi's to try and cool off during the hottest Summer that state has ever had, Touchdown Taco Dip, five dollar pizzas (from a local joint that gave you the pizza for the price of the time that you called.) and driving around in a beat-up, old Wagoneer trying not to die from the exhaust.

Good Times.

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