Friday, September 29, 2006

The Bug Is Back.

If you recall a few months ago, I wrote about my discontent with photography. I felt like I was just getting boring. I had no original ideas anymore. I felt bored... that feeling didn't last long.

As you all know photography makes my blood pump, it is my passion, it's the only thing that I am overly confident, that I do extremely well. In fact, I am getting a little teary eyed just thinking about what I can do because it just really gives me so much joy to do it. I am now itching to get my backgrounds up and get started on some stuff.

I need a camara though. I only have my little Canon digital. I would like to get a not so little Canon digital (that I want really bad) but they are unreal in price. Hopefully for Christmas I will be able to get the Canon digital that is a little lower in price, but equally as good as the one that I want really bad.

I guess photography will always be with me. I love peoples faces when a photo takes their breath away. When a mother cries because you have totally captured her child's personality. It's a great feeling to know your photos will forever be how she wants to remember her child at that age. I don't know how to describe how I feel about it.

I just love it.

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pedalpower said...

I just got a Canon S3 IS (we're on a budget, and I already have a really nice Nikon film camera). This is an amazing little camera for only 350 dollars. Can be point and shoot or totally manual and many things inbetween. The bad part is I can't change the lens. So I'm looking at that as a challenge instead. Pollyanna but it makes me happy!