Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Family Fun Fair

Saturday I took the girls to the Family Fun Fair. It's an annual thing the local Community college does.(LCCC)

Boog and Bell had lots of fun making tye dyed shirts, necklaces, getting a caracature done and taking in a puppet show. I had lot of fun, too because it was all f.r.e.e. For me, that was the icing on the cake.*giggle*

Speaking of cakes... I won a cake in a cakewalk. We kind of had an advantage because there were 3 of us and there were only 8 squares. We had them out numbered so it was no surprise to me when they called out my number. It truly was a cakewalk. *giggle*

Boog won a goldfish. What are the odds?! Lady luck was definitely on our side that day.

There were lots of kids carnival rides so I did purchase the all day passes for the girls. Money well spent. Bell had a grand time on all the rides but Boog was not so jovial after she scraped her elbow on a slide.

By the end of the day I was walking away with a cake in one hand, a goldfish in the other, my big bag of necesities hanging off my arm and two crying kids in tow behind me. I am sure we were quite the pathetic sight but that's the price you pay for a great day at the fair.

Blogger is being stupid and I can't load all the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I have been watching daily for new stuff on you blog. Love the pics. I miss you guys terribly. Mom