Thursday, September 14, 2006

SPC: With someone

It's been over a month since I did my last Self Portrait. This months theme is to be with someone.

Bell is a sweet, sweet girl. She is all about having a good time. If it isn't fun she doesn't want to do it. Hence, my trouble with potty-training.

She has an extensive vocabulary. The other day she told me she could see her reflection in the mirror. Are there many 3 year olds that say reflection?

Interview with The Bell:

What is your favorite color? "Pink"
Dora or Diego? "Diego"
What's you favorite game? "Caillou"
But that's a show "yeah"
Do you like Dogs or Cats? "Cats"
Do you want Mommy to stop asking you questions? "No"
No? "yes."


Anonymous said...

Hi Teetle it's me again. Give my nieces and my brother-n-law a kiss for me, and take one for you too. Love u muches, Ur big sis

pedalpower said...

Good grief you look like my best friend! We met in grade school. I haven't seen her in ages but she's still the best friend I've ever had.