Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Cold.

The seasons are changing and we have all got a strange cold. I am calling it the "walking fever". It's gone around the house over the past 5 days. stared with G-man, as all of out illnesses do, went to Boog and myself and now Bell and The Girl are feeling it. It really isn't that bad, just a minor cold with a fever. Weird, huh.

Boog had her school pictures taken yesterday. She wanted to get dressed up and curl her hair but as it turns out, she doesn't like getting her hair curled. I tried to tell her beauty is painful but she wouldn't listen. Kids. *giggle*

Guitarman joined a band. They play Metal and the like. It will be fun to see him to a gig. I have never seen him in front of an audience, well, I have on tape but not live. He's totally hot. I have my own personal Rock Star!

Timmy had a birthday this month so we celebrated that at MIL's house on Sunday. I will have see about getting some pictures from her to post.

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