Wednesday, January 09, 2008

3 am in the ER

That's about the time you start to get really bored. By then you've probably been there a few hours and nothin' doin'. You're gonna be there for a few more. I like to carry a small camera in my purse for just such an occasion.
I like to call this Annoying Krhys.

My Neice has had swollen tonsils for a very long time. Months. There is nothing wrong with her though. Well, last night she got a fever. We took her in to the ER to get her looked at. Obviously those puppies have to come out. They gave her steroids to reduce the swelling and sent us home... 6 hours later. Thanks alot.
Someone has a sense of humor.

Her Nurse was a nice guy. She has tiny veins, apparently, so her was very apologetic when he couldn't get IV in the first time. It was ok, I thought it was funny until she started getting tears in her eyes and then I was sad for the poor girl. They did a catscan and to make sure there wasn't something behind her tonsils, that's how swollen they are. You can't see past them.
I think I caught a loving little moment there.

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Anonymous said...

How come nobody told me about this???? You guys must keep me informed!!! Don't make me come down there. Grandma