Monday, January 07, 2008

Mickey D's has sweetened it up a bit

Not so long ago you could only get sweet tea at a McDonalds if you were in the South. Not any more, people! It is really good tea, too. I even went back for seconds. There is a drawback to it though. They serve it in Styrofoam cups! I can't be apart of that. I asked the girl in the drivethru to just refill the cup I already had and she looked at me like I was kookoo. Whatever! Just fill the damn cup already.

Today I took a nap. It was bliss. It was a good 45 minutes before the kids got home. Ella was very understanding and let me sleep without slapping my face or poking me in the eye.

Apparently I am supposed to be upset because Ohio State did not win... or is not winning right now... something like that. Yeah... uuummm ok, Not to upset about it.

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