Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Weight Has Been Lifted.

Many of you know my Gramma was a very talented woman. I have always wanted to be the kind of crafter, sewer and general good person jsut like she was. I have been sewing for a few years and she was my inspiration to do that. I love doing it, when I actually do it.

The reality is that I rarely do it. It even stresses me out because I have so many things on my list and the list gets longer and longer, I'm not taking anything off the list... you see what I'm saying? So much to my relief and dismay, I have decided to get rid of it all and devote all of my time, money and energy to photography. It's what I love the most anyway.

I think my Gramma would be proud that I am following my own path and devoting myself to what I love the most.

If you want some of my stuff let me know, I will give you a good price. *winkwink*


jamie said...

i want it all. Hand delivered of course :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the moolah, I'd take it all! I don't think you have to hold the same interests as your grandma, to be the kind of person she was. I'm sure she'd be proud. If it makes ya feel any better, Sandy thinks you are an awesome person. :-)

The WoodLand School said...
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Anonymous said...

Grandma would rather you be yourself than to be and do something that is just not you. You are a talented, wonderful person. That's all you need.
I know cause I'm your Proud Mama.

The WoodLand School said...

Good for you! I had to come to the same realization about paper crafting. As much as I loved it, it wasn't me, it wasn't my passion. WHEW!

Tou have such a wonderful, natural talent with photography ... go with it!