Tuesday, January 08, 2008

T.v.'s and Sewing therapy and Some old pictures of my kiddos.

You can only imagine how many t.v.'s we have in this house. I mean there are seven people for petes sake! We don't have one for each person but it is close. So we did a little rearranging of the t.v situation. A few upgrades if you will.

I have not sewed in so long. I am starting to get the itch , ya know, like if I don't make something soon I am going to explode. Going through Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing and Amy Butler's In Stitches has just intesified it. We are very close to getting my sewing room to a point where I can find things and get something done.

Tonight my sister and I were talking and she was teasing me saying I like to look at the pictures but I don't do. Honestly, she's kind-of right. I love, love, love the picturess and reading how to do the projects, especially in vintage sewing and craft books. In reality I only do a few projects here and there. That was good therapy. Thanks Sandy.

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little dresses said...

I am so guilty of this sometimes! I am waiting on a couple of books right now and I will probably do nothing for three days just looking at them.